Frozen 2 Wind Spirit 2Ply Napkins 33X33cm (20pcs)


Frozen 2 Wind Spirit 2Ply Napkins 33X33cm (20pcs)

Embrace the icy elegance with the Frozen 2 Wind Spirit 2Ply Napkins 33X33cm (20pcs) by Partygoods! These napkins are your magical companions in keeping your frosty feast as enchanting as Elsa’s winter wonderland.

Each pack features 20 ethereal napkins adorned with the mystical Wind Spirit from the enchanted forest, swirling with snowflakes and frosty magic. Whether you’re hosting a royal banquet or a magical tea party, these napkins are the ultimate adornment for your Frozen 2-inspired soirée.

Wipe away spills with a touch of Frozen magic and ensure every moment is as elegant as Elsa’s ice palace. It’s not just a napkin; it’s a chance to add a sprinkle of enchantment to your table setting and transport your guests to a realm of shimmering snow and mystical spirits.

So summon your inner ice queen, let the Wind Spirit napkins flutter into action, and ensure your celebration sparkles with Frozen 2 magic that’ll leave everyone enchanted! ❄️

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