Harry Potter Hogwarts House Paper Party Bags (4pcs)


Calling all aspiring witches and wizards! Prepare to embark on a magical journey with our Harry Potter Hogwarts House Paper Party Bags by Partygoods!

Crafted from the finest parchment and enchanted with spells of charm and wonder, these party bags are the perfect addition to any Hogwarts-themed celebration. Whether you’re hosting a birthday bash in the Gryffindor common room or a Quidditch victory party in the Great Hall, these bags are sure to delight every guest.

Each bag features the distinguished colors and crests of the four Hogwarts houses, allowing guests to proudly represent their chosen house as they collect magical goodies and treasures. From chocolate frogs to Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, these bags are the ultimate accessory for any wizarding adventure.

So grab your broomstick, don your house robes, and get ready to fill your Harry Potter Hogwarts House Paper Party Bags with endless wizarding wonders. Because when it comes to throwing a spellbinding celebration, Partygoods has you covered! 🧙‍♂️🏰🎉

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