Jungle Balloons 2Ply Paper Napkins 33X33cm (8pcs)


Jungle Balloons 2Ply Paper Napkins

Calling all wild things! Tame your next party’s mess with these ROARsome Jungle Napkins!

Sure, these might not be actual lion pelts (much to the relief of the animal kingdom), but these 8-pack napkins are the mane attraction when it comes to cleaning up after a jungle-themed bash. Made from 2-ply ply for extra strength (because jungle adventures can get messy!), these 33cm x 33cm squares are like having a whole safari squad on hand to battle spills.

Featuring vibrant balloons and everyone’s favourite jungle animals (because who doesn’t love a party with monkeys?), these napkins are perfect for little explorers and grown-up adventurers alike. So ditch the flimsy tissues and boring paper towels – elevate your next wild gathering with these roar-some Jungle Napkins! They’re the paw-fect way to keep your party place spick and span, without putting a damper on the fun. Just remember, these napkins are for cleaning up spills, not for taming actual lions (although that would be pretty impressive).

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